Monday, November 13, 2006

Eden Roc Resort Miami | Construction Photos & Review

Eden Roc Resort Miami Review
Summary: Highly recommended, with tempered expectations.

Eden Roc Resort Miami BoardwalkMy wife and I just got back from three nights at the Eden Roc Renaissance Resort and Spa in Miami Beach, Florida. Mariana participated in the ECA World Fitness convention, and I went along for the ride. The Resort is a perfect destination for the fitness minded couple, making it an excellent choice for the convention. There is plenty of cardio equipment and a full gym stocked with free weights and Cybex machines. Even with a sold-out hotel filled with fitness enthusiasts, I never had to wait for a piece of equipment or treadmill.

The beachfront boardwalk is perfect for jogging, and I actually ran/walked the entire four miles to South Beach with no problem. Something about the sights and sounds makes it not seem like exercise at all.

Keep in mind that the Eden Roc is in North Miami Beach - four miles away from the restaurants, vibrant scene, and shopping of South Beach that many associate with the area. Cab rides to/from South Beach were in the $9-10 range. While the food options around the Eden Roc weren't plentiful, we did enjoy thoroughly enjoy the food and selection at the hotel's Aquatic Grill.

The service was impeccable. As Marriott Rewards members, we were granted both an early check-in and a late check-out. Also, the concierge, Robin, sent up a complimentary bottle of champagne for our five-year wedding anniversary (a nice touch that we didn't request or expect).

The pool at the Eden Roc was warm and plenty roomy. I snuck next door to the pool at the The Fontainebleau Resort Hotel and the water was unimaginably cold. Honestly, it seemed scientifically impossible to have such cold water in an pool that basks in the Miami sun. Compared to the Fontainebleau, the ocean water was downright hot by comparison and I was able to jump in the ocean without freezing to death.

Eden Roc Resort Miami ConstructionAll in all, an excellent stay and highly recommended. But know this: there is a lot of construction. It seemed that all of North Miami beach is under renovation. There is heavy machinery (cranes, bulldozers, earth movers) everywhere, including on the beach. The Eden Roc is adding a new tower and there is plenty of accompanying noise and dust. The detoured walk to the beach is a long one.

The Eden Roc will be magnificent when finished. But that could be the end of 2007 or later. If you're looking for a good spa destination, the Eden Roc is a fine choice - especially if you can get a good rate. If you can't stand construction, you may want to look elsewhere for now.

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