Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Site Map Software: CoffeeCup Google Sitemapper

CoffeeCup Google Sitemapper
Summary: Outstanding Site Map Software for any sized site

If you have a large web site (more than 500 pages), a site with dynamic content, or multiple websites to manage, you may just find Coffeecup’s Google Sitemapper the best $29 you can spend. I’ve been a fan of their software for years, and this application does not disappoint.

Sitemapper is a desktop application, so you don’t have to worry about installing it on your web server. You simply enter your web site URL and let the tool crawl your site. But there are many great advanced features like file types to include or exclude (.pdf, .mp3, etc.), pages or folders to ignore, queries to ignore (for dynamic content) and so much more. Plus you can save your profiles, schedule the software to run periodically, and automatically FTP the files to your web server. It works like a charm.

Bottom line: Highly recommended and well worth the cost

CoffeeCup Software

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