Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Social Networking Sites: Let's Connect

Let's work together to do some great things in 2007. I've got some awesome projects in the works, and I want to hear about what you're doing. If you belong to any of the sites listed below, please log in today and add me as a contact. Together we can make some major impact in the online world:

MySpace - the current king of social networking sites
Choose "Add Friend"

YouTube - great place to see funny videos
Choose "Subscribe" or "Subscribe to Videos"

LinkedIn - social networking for professionals
Choose "contact directly" and use the email address "lweaver at ciinc dot com" - bookmark-sharing site
Choose "add larryweaver to your network"

Digg - user-driven news site
Choose "Add Friend" under my picture

Blogs - subscribe to my RSS feeds - The Web's Best Funny Song Videos, Lyrics, and Free MP3s - My thoughts on SEO, MMA, Comedy, and much more

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