Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tell Me About Your College Orientation Experience

Remember your summer orientation session when you started college? I’m performing comedy for this year’s North Carolina State University orientation, and I’m looking for funny advice or stories for the incoming freshman. What do you wish people would have told you?

Just to refresh your memory, here is a glimpse at the NCSU schedule:
  • Students start arriving at 7:45 AM – most after driving a long way to get to campus that early.
  • Students must wear their nametag at all times while at orientation.
  • Students get their ID made, and then enjoy a campus tour with their Orientation Counselor (OC).
  • Students eat all meals at Fountain Dining Hall!

Informative and entertaining orientation sessions include:

  • Finding your place at NC State.
  • How to avoid crime and stay safe while on campus and in Raleigh.
  • How to eat healthy and make wise personal choices.
  • Advice on being safe if sexually active.
  • How to avoid underage drinking, illegal music downloads, and other campus offenses.

Brings back good memories, right? I don’t want to sound old here, but in my day “illegal music downloads” meant taping Wham!’s latest song directly off the radio onto cassette through your boom box. And if your boom box had two cassette slots? Well, then you could venture into the illicit World of “file sharing!”

Please use the comments section to posts your funny stories, advice for incoming freshman, jokes, and other observations. The class of 2011 – and I – will thank you!

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Chuck Lasker said...

Remind the students that the most important part of their college experience will be the relationships they build. Tell them to experiment, because when they get out into the "real world," their choices will be more limited. Tell them not to choose a major based on anyone else's ideas - but to choose what they love, even if it means less money. Then tell them the one about the skeleton who walked into a bar, ordered a beer and a mop...