Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Discount Postcard Printing - Full Color, Cheap Postcard Printing Services

Lots of people ask where I have my postcards printed. I get ALL of my full color printing services done online through PrintingForLess.com. Previously, I used a local printer and it was a royal pain. Now I upload my files online, approve the proofs via PDF, and PrintingForLess ships the finished product in a few days. It's so much easier and - best of all - a lot cheaper!

Here a just a few of the great postcards they have printed for me:

North Carolina Bluegrass Band - Kickin GrassNorth Carolina Comedian - David FerrellNC Rockabilly Band - Edsel 500
North Carolina Bluegrass BandsNC Zydeco Bands - Mel MeltonNC Beatles Cover Band - The BackBeat

Once you try them, you will never go anywhere else for your full color postcard printing needs. Tell them I sent you and get $25 off your first order. Simply input ID code RP15QYD5T in the "Promotional Code" field of the order form while completing your order and you will see the $25 discount applied in your email receipt.

Is this some sort of endorsement? Of course it is! I'm a real person, I really use PrintingForLess.com, and so should you.

Head on over and save $25 with coupon code RP15QYD5T (input in "Promotional Code" field) at http://www.printingforless.com


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