Friday, November 16, 2007

UFC 78 Predictions: Evans vs. Bisping

Who do the top journalists in MMA think will win this weekend's UFC matchups? Pride is on the line as the top MMA sites vie for prediction supremacy. See which expert comes out on top this time around:

UFC 78: Validation
Live from Newark - Saturday, November 17, 2007

Michael Bisping (+215) vs. Rashad Evans (-275)
MMA Weekly: Evans by decision
MMA Junkie: Evans by 2nd round TKO
Sherdog: Evans by decision
WINNER: Evans by decision

Houston Alexander (-155) vs. Thiago Silva (+125)
MMA Weekly: Silva by 2nd round submission
MMA Junkie: Alexander by 1st round TKO
Sherdog: Alexander by 1st round TKO
WINNER: Silva by 1st round TKO

Joe Doerksen (+120) vs. Ed Herman (-150)
MMA Weekly: Doerksen by 3rd round submission
MMA Junkie: Doerksen by submission
Sherdog: Doerksen by 3rd round submission
WINNER: Herman by 3rd round TKO

Ryo Chonan (+275) vs. Karo Parisyan (-345)
MMA Weekly: Parisyan by decision
MMA Junkie: Parisyan by 2nd round TKO
Sherdog: Parisyan by decision
WINNER: Parisyan by decision

Frankie Edgar (-135) vs. Spencer Fisher (+105)
MMA Weekly: Edgar by decision
MMA Junkie: Fisher
Sherdog: Edgar by 2nd round TKO
WINNER: Edgar by decision

Chris Lytle (+150) vs. Thiago Alves (-180)
MMA Weekly: Alves by decision
MMA Junkie: Alves by decision
Sherdog: Alves by 3rd round TKO
WINNER: Alves by doctor stoppage

Jason Reinhardt (+300) vs. Joe Lauzon (-600)
MMA Weekly: Lauzon by 1st round TKO
MMA Junkie: Reinhardt by 1st round submission
Sherdog: Lauzon
WINNER: Lauzon by 1st round submission

Luke Caudillo (+350) vs. Marcus Aurelio (-450)
MMA Weekly: Aurelio by 1st round submission
MMA Junkie: Aurelio by 2nd round submission
Sherdog: Aurelio by 1st round submission
WINNER: Aurelio by 1st round TKO

Akihiro Gono (-260) vs. Tamdan McCrory (+200)
MMA Weekly: Gono by decision
MMA Junkie: Gono by decision
Sherdog: Gono by 1st round TKO
WINNER: Gono by 2nd round submission

Post-fight Predictions Scorecard
MMA Weekly: 8-1 WINNER
Sherdog: 7-2
MMA Junkie: 5-4

Congratulations to MMA Weekly's Ricardo Mendoza for posting a near-perfect 8-1 prediction scorecard. Bonus points for being the lone site to pick Thiago Silva to upset Houston Alexander. Great job, MMA Weekly!

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