Monday, April 28, 2008

Corporate Speakers - 10 Ways to Help Build Your Career

Veteran comedy road-warrior Frank King successfully made the transition from club act, to college act, to corporate comedian. Frank graciously shares what he's learned over the years as part of Larry Weaver's exclusive ongoing series, "How to Be a Comedian".
Ten Things That Worked To Build My Corporate Comedy Biz
  1. Joined the National Speakers Association (national and state)
  2. Joined Meeting Professionals International
  3. Created a web site with promo and video
  4. Created an identical web site without any contact info, for bookers' clients
  5. Offered to customize the show to the client, industry, or association
  6. Offered to fly in day early to make sure I'm there for the show
  7. Work with speakers bureaus and entertainment bookers
  8. If the client is unhappy, gave some or all of the money back (excluding travel)
  9. Helped other comics that I know and respect to get corporate work
  10. Mailed, not emailed, all the bookers a promo piece and candy every quarter
Ten Things That Didn't Work to Build My Corporate Comedy Biz
  1. Joined Kiwanis
  2. Tried to make and sell audio tapes, VHS tapes, and finally DVDs
  3. A Google Ad
  4. Worked with a number of shady bookers and bureaus (call for a list)
  5. A John Edwards impersonation (would have worked if he'd have won)
  6. A Bill Clinton impersonation (would have worked if Hillary had won)
  7. Last Comic Standing (turned down four times in row)
  8. Comedy contests (won one in 1985 and haven't won one since)
  9. Joined several Convention and Visitors Bureaus
  10. Joined several Chambers of Commerce
Frank King is a corporate comedian, public speaker, and now a John McCain impersonator (seriously). He's done hundreds of shows for companies and associations.

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