Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last Comic Standing 2008 Wants Clean Comedy

Our friends over at Shecky Magazine pointed out a Scripps-Howard News Service piece by Terry Morrow, entitled "Cleaning up their acts." In the article, Last Comic Standing host Bill Bellamy extols the virtues of clean comedy.
Here are a few choice quotes from the piece:
Bellamy says a "clean" route to comedy will certainly be the standard for this season's "Last Comic Standing" (8:30 p.m. EDT Thursdays, NBC)...
Bellamy, who does dozens of club dates a year, says he sees the "clean" trend giving way to more honest material. Working cleaner material opens stand-up shows to larger audiences, even families, he says...
"Clean is way better," Bellamy says. "It draws in more people. More people can watch you."
At Larry Weaver Entertainment, we've been delivering clean comedy to audiences across America for nearly 20 years. It's little surprise that our most-booked comedian and speaker bills himself as "100% Clean Comedy."
See for yourself. I posted up three new comedy clips from Clean Comedian David Ferrell this weekend. Unlike much of what you find on the Internet, David's clips are suitable for work. So turn up the volume and have a few laughs!

Watch more clips from Comedian David Ferrell

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