Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Funny Ghost Stories from Haunted Mobile Homes

How to Tell if Your Mobile Home is Haunted

  1. Redneck GhostA tin of Skoal mysteriously floats through the air. 
  2. Blood drips out of your simulated wood paneling. 
  3. The eyes on the velvet Elvis painting move.
  4. The room is spinning, and you’re not even drunk yet. 
  5. The Camaro in your front yard is levitating right off the blocks.
  6. You hear disturbing footsteps boot scootin' down the hallway.
  7. You feel an eerie presence every time "Freebird" plays on the radio.
  8. A strange voice wakes you up at night yelling "Boo Ya'll!"
  9. The lights turn on and off even though you paid the power bill.
  10. The trailer is shaking, but there’s no tornado in sight.

Download these Warning Signs (PDF)

One of my first viral Internet successes was a website dedicated to haunted mobile homes. It started as a comedy routine, then became a sketch on my second album, then the hit morning radio song "Ghost in the Trailer" on my third album, and finally the highly-trafficked and much talked-about website, www.TrailerGhost.com.

Every Halloween, like the restless spirit of the undead, the site rises back up to haunt me. Reporters call, traffic spikes, and stories roll in of people who seriously think their mobile home is haunted. I can't make this stuff up.

The site is still good for a few laughs, so go check it out - if you dare!!!

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