Thursday, October 23, 2008

Office Party Ideas - Christmas Party Cancellations and Cost-Cutting Tips

If you haven't yet visited my Funny Awards blog, there are some really great Holiday Party discussions going on there. I should probably rename it the Office Party blog. Check out these great posts:

Company Christmas Party Canceled

Is your company canceling this year's Christmas Party? I've become a source for journalists on the growing trend of companies canceling this year's holiday event since my post The Company Christmas Party - Another Casualty of a Tough Economy. Head over an let me know if you company is having a party this year or not...

Money-Saving Office Party Ideas

Associated Press writer Joyce Rosenberg recently penned an excellent article, "Go ahead with holiday parties, even if money's short." The article extols the virtues of forging ahead with the company party - even in the face of a tough economy. Rosenberg also lists many excellent money-saving ideas to help cut costs on the holiday party. Head on over to read the excellent ideas and share your tips...

Use End of the Year Awards Year-Round

Most people who buy funny awards do so for end-of-the-year celebrations. But humor in the workplace should be used year-round, not just in December. Here's an excellent case study of using our funny recognition awards year-round

Funny Office Party Stories

I'm looking for funny or embarrassing office party stories for an upcoming radio interview. If they involve heavy drinking, too much PDA, inappropriate comments or unwelcome advances, all the better!

Joe Six-Pack Award - Free Printable Award

Here's an award everyone can enjoy. While Wall Street is collapsing, have some FREE laughs on Main Street courtesy of this funny certificate: The Joe Six Pack Award - for just bein' one of the regular people, gosh darnit!

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