Monday, June 15, 2009

Website Design for Comedians

Website design for comedians should focus on sites that load quickly, are easily indexed by search engines, and have user-friendly, consistent navigation.

From a booking agent perspective, you want a site that will get you work. This design approach is much different from a "fan site". Larry Weaver Entertainment focuses on clean, quick loading sites that grab your visitors’ attention – instead of making them wait for a complicated interface to download. We optimize your site for search engines, to make sure that potential visitors can easily find your site. And we specialize in design that gets your message across without clunky, confusing navigation that may drive your viewers away.

Here are a few recent examples of our work:

Ventriloquist Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson
Comedian David Ferrell
David Ferrell
Comedian Greg Romeo
Greg Romeo
Comedian Just Paul
Paul Miller

If you're looking for a site that loads easily, shows up well in search engines, and guides people quickly to what they're looking for, we can help. Contact us today for help.


Unknown said...

How your website is laid out, what colors, textual styles and images you utilize can mean the contrast in the middle of achievement and disappointment. Have a cleaned, proficient logo- -and join it to your landing page, use instinctive route, get free of disorder, give visitors breathing room, use shading deliberately, choose textual styles that are anything but difficult to peruse crosswise over devices and browsers and Use responsive design -that consequently adjusts to how the site is being seen. "I truly put stock in the rationality that you make your own particular universe. I'm simply attempting to make a decent one for myself". - Jim carrey

Lillie Jensen said...

Larry,thank you so much for your writing!I am building my website quite recently, and its been extremely helpful.I concur that website design must be kept to a base,yet it additionally needs to have a wow effect,a personality for what individuals can remember you.