Thursday, October 1, 2009

SEO Training Philadelphia

SEO Training PhiladelphiaI taught my first full-day Internet Training class way back in 2005. Since then I've gone on to lead SEO training at companies and conferences around the country. When people contact me to speak, the conversation usually goes like this:

Caller: We're looking for someone to speak on Internet marketing. What are your credentials?

How did you find me?

Caller: You were the first result when we did a search in Google. 

Me: So what other credentials do you need?

Here's the deal: I'm a self-taught marketer who has used the Internet to market my brand since 1994. Yes, I've been doing this since 1994. I know what works, and I can help your company figure out how best to spend your limited resources.

I raised a few eyebrows last month at SEO Training Boston when I spent less than two minutes of my 45-minute presentation talking about Twitter. A few folks nearly rioted when my presentation failed to produce a slide about LinkedIn. But keep in mind that Social Media is just part of an Internet Marketing strategy. And for most small business owners, it should not be the main focus of their attention.

I had the displeasure recently of sitting through a presentation from a "Social Media expert". If I have to listen to one more recent grad drone on and on about how Dell Outlet uses Twitter, I'm going to shoot myself. Many of these "experts" have never even ran their own website, let alone their own company. If you want to hear some hotshot read case studies that they found on the web, please don't come to my presentation.

Here's the question that I want to answer for you:
"Where should I be spending my time and money?"
And I'll go ahead and tell you that my answer will not be Twitter.
Want to learn how to get more leads for your business online? Discover how to leverage usability, email marketing, search engine optimization, local search, social media, and Pay-Per-Click at my next open-to-the-public Internet marketing class in Pine Hill, NJ near Philadelphia, PA on Thursday, October 15, 2009. I’ll be offering an Overview of Internet Marketing training session for the International Society of Special Events, New Jersey South Chapter.
Location: Pine Hill, NJ
Pine Hill Golf Club, 500 West Branch Ave., Pine Hill, NJ 08021
Thursday, October 15, 2009
6:00 - 8:30 PM
$45.00 members; $55.00 non-members
The target audience is small business owners who know a little about Internet marketing and/or outsource all web site tasks to an outside vendor. My goal is to get everyone up to speed quickly, and empower even the most novice of online marketers with a solid understanding of these crucial topics. Advanced students are welcome. This will be a discussion style presentation with Q&A throughout.
The examples in the class will be tailored towards the Special Events industry (caterers, decorators, rental companies, etc.), but the material will be applicable to any business of any size. If don't know the meaning of Page Titles, CPC, or Twitter, you simply cannot afford to miss this engaging presentation. As soon as the class concludes, I will post the slides online here:
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