Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Redneck Rehab - Show on CMT with Tom Arnold

A "city slicker" in a suit is questioned about his redneck past. People demand to know: where's his Southern accent? Did he forget his country roots?

Sounds like a great idea for a TV show. So much so that CMT is debuting "Redneck Rehab" on September 15, hosted by comedian Tom Arnold.

The problem is that "Redneck Rehab" is one of my signature stand-up bits and has been since the 90's. I've performed the bit coast-to-coast from Carolines on Broadway to the Improv. It's been filmed by Comedy Central twice (a Viacom company along with CMT). Sirius XM regularly plays the bit as part of a routine entitled "Haunted Mobile Home" on Laugh USA. And redneck rehab has been on YouTube since 2006:

Redneck Rehab

Recorded December 29, 2004, BTI Center for the Performing Arts, Raleigh, NC

Here's another site that references redneck rehab from 2002, and I have many other audio and video recordings dating back at least to 1999.

An official press release about the show states: "In the series premiere, Patrick Higgs is an aspiring actor hooked on a high-end lifestyle complete with fancy cars and designer clothing.  His life wasn’t always this way, however.  Born into a nutty, dirt-loving, over-the-top redneck family, Patrick has since alienated his kin in pursuit of stardom."

Umm... yeah. That's right out of my act.

I've been ripped off before, but this one is particularly troubling. The concept for the show is lifted directly from my stand-up routine - a routine that Viacom has on videotape.

Is there anything I can do here? Any armchair lawyers care to chime in?

Redneck Rehab
REDNECK REHAB is produced by Pink Sneakers with Kimberly Belcher Cowin, John Ehrhard, Jayson Dinsmore (CMT) and Lewis Bogach (CMT) serving as executive producers.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

John Felts - Stuff Christian Singles Hear

Comedian John Felts appeard on the 700 Club to discuss his viral video "Stuff Christian Singles Hear" and his budding career as a clean comedian.

The 700 Club Interactive show (7CI) is hosted by Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen. John's segment aired Tuesday, August 21 on ABC Family at 9:30 am ET.

Stuff Christian Singles Hear

A well-timed and clever comedian, John delivers funny perspectives on dating, marriage, parenting, American culture and struggling to do the right thing.
Live from the set of the 700 Club Interactive
Host Kristi Watts interviews Comedian John Felts
John contacted me last summer expressing his desire to join my roster. I was impressed by his video clip, and drove to Wilmington to watch a live performance. I've seen John several times since then and he continues to amaze me with his progress. He has a solid hour of material and his stage presence continues to improve. Not just a Christian comic, John performs clean comedy for corporate events, colleges, Chamber of Commerce banquets and comedy clubs across the U.S. Contact us to hire comedian John Felts for your next event!
John Felts

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Christian Stand-up Comedy - Clean Humor

There's often debate about what is means to be a Christian stand-up comedian. Does it mean a comedian that performs jokes targeted to Christian audiences (Biblical references, church humor, etc), or does it mean a stand-up comedian who happens to be a Christian?

Many well-known Christian comedians perform for a solid hour without mention of Christianity. Others have an entire act that would only work in front of a church audience. It's really a matter of personal preference. But either way, the product should result in clean humor.

Christian Stand-up Comedian - John Felts

Watch on YouTube: Christian comedy stand-up clean

Christian Stand-up Comedian - David Ferrell

Watch on YouTube: Christian comedians

Christian Stand-up Comedienne - Leslie Norris Townsend 

Watch on YouTube: Female Christian comedians

Christian Stand-up Comedian - Fudge

Watch on YouTube: Black Christian comedians

Christian comedians who can do an hour "secular" set make the perfect corporate entertainer. When you hire a Christian comedian, you don't have to worry about foul language or inappropriate material. So if you're looking for clean humor, be sure to check out our exclusive lineup of Christian stand-up comedians

Monday, April 16, 2012

Post-Prom Ideas: After Prom Entertainment

Larry Weaver Entertainment specializes in entertainment for junior/senior banquets, proms, post-proms, and after-prom parties at public, private, and Christian schools. Some of our most popular post-prom entertainers include:

Joshua LozoffMagician Joshua Lozoff
Stage mentalist and magician
A hit with high-school students, Joshua’s magic combines amazing illusions with mental feats that explore the possibilities of the human mind. A fun, mind-boggling performance that leaves audiences laughing and full of amazement.
Matt JerniganMusical Comedian Matt Jernigan
Musical comedy with celebrity impressions
An amazing comedy impressionist, Matt hilariously spoofs popular rock, R&B, hip hop, country and pop stars. With just his guitar and incredible talent, he brings everyone from Elvis Presley to Snoop Dogg to the stage.
Stand-up Comedian John FeltsStand-up Comedian John Felts
Clean, fresh stand-up comedy
Just a few years removed from high school himself, John delivers real and funny one-of-a-kind perspectives on dating, American culture and struggling to do the right thing. 
We even provide entertainment for homeschool proms (yes, that's a real thing):
"Paul Miller did a wonderful job entertaining the guests at our homeschool prom last Friday. It was a great ice breaker for the kids as they arrived, waited for photos, ate dinner with people they didn't necessarily know, etc. Also, when rain delayed the start of the dance for about an hour and the kids were getting restless, Paul saved the day by jumping in with a juggling/comedy routine that had everyone laughing. The Prom Committee was very pleased with the decision to include him as part of the night's entertainment."Carolina Capital Homeschool Prom

Our entertainers work 100% CLEAN, so there is no worry about this fitting in with your other post-prom activities, games, and ideas. Find more magicians, comedians and Christian entertainers for your after-prom event!