Wednesday, May 7, 2008

E-Junkie Reviews - Shopping Cart Software Review

I've been using as shopping cart software for my site for six months. After doing extensive research on shopping cart software, I chose and have stayed with e-junkie primarily for the following reasons:
  • ease of implementation into my current site,
  • ease of delivering downloadable products (ebooks, software, etc),
  • low price (only $5/month for up to 10 products).

E-Junkie Pros

E-junkie cart live in action at FunAwards.comAs a little background, I already had a robust site in place for a year before I had any products for sale. My first product was a digital download, an eBook entitled Funny Employee Awards: Your Complete Guide to Organizing a Humorous, Entertaining, and Rewarding Recognition Ceremony. Just click on the link and choose "Add to Cart" to get a quick look at the e-junkie shopping cart.

As far as I can tell, e-junkie was developed for selling downloads. It really excels in this area, making it as easy as possible to integrate a simple shopping cart onto your site. You simply create an account, upload your digital files, add in the product info, and then e-junkie gives you the code to install the shopping cart buttons onto your site. As for payment, it seamlessly integrates with Google Checkout, PayPal, or Authorize.Net.

When someone buys my eBook, e-junkie delivers the file and payment gets routed to my bank account. I don't have to do anything.

Recently I've decided to sell a tangible good on the site, Funny Trophies. This has been a breeze, as well. E-junkie integrates with the USPS shipping calculator to make calculating tax and shipping via USPS Priority Mail extremely simple.

E-Junkie Cons

However, there are some notable drawbacks for potential e-junkie users. Most notably, e-junkie generates a thank you email for every item sold. I currently sell my trophies in a pack of 10. If I offered them individually, a buyer would receive a thank you email for each individual trophy. So if they bought 6 trophies, they'd get 6 emails. Cleary, that is not ideal. The user forums seem to indicate a change is coming, but no timetable is offered.

And unlike some other more robust offerings, e-junkie does not automatically generate packing slips, invoices, or receipts. PayPal offers some good resources, provided that your customers check out using PayPal. I offer both PayPal and Google Checkout as options, and I'd say 80% or more of my customers use Google Checkout, which as far inferior to PayPal as far as post-sale resources.

E-Junkie Verdict

So what's the final verdict on If you have multiple tangible products for sale, you may want to look elsewhere. But as the owner of a site that sells only 3 products, I have been extremely satisfied. E-junkie is absolutely perfect if you have software, an eBook, or other digital download for sale. Try e-junkie today!
E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery


Anonymous said...

You are quite the straight the shooter Larry ;)

Anonymous said...

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Aisling said...

Great info, Larry! Since you've read my website (and left great comments), you know that my interests are a little different.

Here's my E-Junkie review so your readers can compare.

Maria @ Online Business Resources said...

Thanks for the review, Larry! I'm in the process of launching my first e-book and I've been on the hunt for a good payment processor. I think I will try out E-junkie...