Monday, April 21, 2008

How The Secret Brought Me $100,000

“The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” - Job 1: 21

The following is a true story.

Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret, has hovered at or near the top of the New York Times Best Seller list for 65 weeks. I must admit I was a little late joining the party. But a cultural phenomenon like The Secret can’t be ignored by someone who claims to be up on pop culture. I bought the book at Target (keeper of all of life’s great mysteries) and enjoyed the read. I even watched The Secret DVD.

The premise of The Secret lies within the “Law of Attraction.”

  • Ask: Know what you want and ask the universe for it.
  • Believe: Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.
  • Receive: Be open to receiving it.

I wholeheartedly believe in the Law of Attraction. But it’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff. In Matthew 7:7, the Bible reads “Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Sounds familiar, right?

One particular passage of The Secret caught my eye. In the chapter "The Secret to Money", David Schirmer told the story of visualizing checks coming in the mail instead of bills: "I just visualized checks coming in the mail... today I just get checks in the mail." Byrnes goes on to add, "we have received hundreds and hundreds of letters from people who have said that since watching the film they have received unexpected checks in the mail."


I decided to give it a try. As Q1 drew to a close, I needed quite a bit of money to meet my financial goal for the quarter. I knew it was possible, but I wasn’t sure where the money would come from. I went to The Secret website, printed out their "Bank of the Universe" blank check (to help me visualize the money coming in), and filled it out. I posted it on my refrigerator so I would be reminded every day that it was coming. Then I waited...

Let me be clear about this. I fully believed that I would receive this money. As the month passed by, I never doubted.

Sure enough, the money came. I opened my mail to find an unexpected check in the amount of... $108,559.00!

The Secret Check
Click image to enlarge

The Secret delivered... Big-time.

But why did I get this check? And what was it for? Certainly my bank wasn’t about to cash a check in this amount without some investigation.

I called up the organization who sent the check and left a voicemail inquiring about the purpose of the payment. I never mentioned the amount, just the invoice number. I posted the new check on my refrigerator in front of The Secret check. I wondered what I would do with the money.

After a few weeks, the phone call finally came. It turns out the check should have been for $25.00, and it was a monumental clerical error. The lady was gracious that I hadn’t cashed the check, and asked me to return it so she would not get in further trouble. I gladly obliged.

The end of quarter came. I did not meet my goal.

Is that the end of the story? I don’t think so. I still believe the money is coming. Maybe someone will read this story and be inspired to prove The Secret correct.

Just in case, my mailing address is:
Larry Weaver
PO Box 14313
Durham, NC 27709

"Don't stop believing" - Journey


Nickolove Lovemore said...


I do believe in the Law of Attraction and certainly believe we can consciously and constructively apply the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth in our lives.

I recently posted an article based on a teleseminar I listened to hosted by Dr Joe Vitale - one of the stars of The Secret. The article is titled "Attracting Wealth and Millionaire Secrets".

Attracting Wealth and Millionaire Secrets

I do hope you reach your next financial target and while I won't promise to send you a check let me know if there are any more creative ways in which I can assist.

Rhonda Ryder said...

Hi Larry,

What a story! I'm so glad you didn't turn pessimistic after that, but I can see you're not a pessimistic guy. Just the opposite.

This stuff does work. I found once I started visualizing regularly, things REALLY started to happen with greater speed.

I say that "check" was just a sign from the universe that you're on the right track!

Rhonda Ryder
Helping Parents share The Law of Attraction with kids and teens.

Marc Gainey said...

The secret does work! - I imagined that you would get a check also and that you would post this story and wham! it all happened! Thank you Oprah!

Shun Jian | said...

Aww... that was a little of an anti-climax but I'm sure you will get what you ask for soon... for real.

I can tell you the law of attraction really works. I'm living proof...

Now, I don't want to clutter up your comments box so if you're interested to learn more, you can sign up for my personal development newsletter (where I share my experience and success with L.O.A.) via the link below:

Xinoutorah said...

Lol well, if you think of it this way... perhaps after getting the check you had doubts as to its authentication since you didn't understand why you got it or where it came from. So since you had those doubts the secret worked to take the money away from you? I don't know...but either way that's pretty awesome :)

Choose Changes said...

Great post - what a shame it wasnt for real but the LOA works in mysterious ways sometimes. Often things that we visualise and believe, we do receive as we visualise them. other times we receive them in alternative ways instead. For instance a guy I knew visualised himself getting a brand new car and he kept that picture in his mind with him as he put it out to the universe. He didnt get a new car but what he did get was a new job opening ad a new home - now this may be well, so what it was a car he wanted - wheres that gone to - do we care he got a new job and a new home? Well the morale to the story is that he wanted the new car because his parents lived a long way away from him and in his heart he wanted to be able to visit them more often and share love and fun times with them, this was his emotional reason for the new car dream. Because of this the universe provided him with something much more wonderful - a way to actually move closer to his parents through giving him a new job and home. He received his dream but in a different oformat. We should never be fixated on the end result but more on the reason and feelings it will give us and that we should put our trust in the universe to provide us with what we really desire in the way that is for our own highest good :)
I hope this story has resonated and inspired you to keep visualising and believing and if you would like to know more about how to use LOA, positive thinking and your own inner strength and power do pop along and see me on my website at
To your every success

Anonymous said...

Okay... I probably would have cashed it since I've been getting things and money regularly now. I actually receive money DIRECTLY deposited into my bank account at times - past child support (more than one occasion), errors from the IRS (yeah, I just about hit the floor with that one!), winnings from contests I apparently signed up for and forgot about, etc.. and these weren't small checks either.

I even have a list of things that came to me like our 'perfect' dream home, teaching jobs on a regular basis (I teach and train for money), my convertable, etc... Even our son focused so much on his dad's guitar that he wanted (an Ovation) that he was GIVEN a brand new, $1,000 Ovation guitar 'out of the blue'!!?? I would love to share the details of it all, but simply put, the Universe really DOES 'allign' things!

P.S. I've even had some things just 'manifest' such as a particular jacket I envisioned and wanted so bad when I was shopping for jackets (all by itself, exactly my size), and a kleenex (right before my eyes!!), and even gold dust on my bible pages..

Tony Tovar said...

@Rhonda Ryder

I completely agree, its a sign!

Keep up the good work, You've gained a reader whit this post!

Tony Tovar
Ovation Guitars

michael said...

I been working with the secret for about a year... been having many doubts but i turn them around.... growing up negative it is quite hard to do a 360... I always envision myself with wealth someday so I know it will happen.... just wish it be sooner than later :/ thanks for listening to me ramble

working on a photography book:"

Alfonso Linares Fernández said...

I think I know what you did wrong.
You must consider that the Universe is very literal when you ask him for something. It is like the genious of the jokes: you will get exactly what you ask for, no more or less. In this case, and according to your blog, you asked for "to receive a check for US$100.000 on your behalf in your mail box". And that is exactly what you received.
You didn't specify that you wanted to cash it or that the check were legally for you. You just asked for receiving a check in the mail box, like The Secret guy, and you received it. You put your emotions only in receiving it. If you would have put your emotions in going to the bank to cash it, you would probably get a good check for you for US$100.000.
I think that is why you got that result.
Anyway, great example. It shows how the Universe can work, and how literal can be.
Remember the movie "Bedazzled". That is an hilarious example of what happens when you are not very specific. If you ask for being rich and powerful. you can end up like a "colombian drug dealer", ja ja ja.

vane said...

Hi Larry,

What a story! I'm so glad you didn't turn pessimistic after that, but I can see you're not a pessimistic guy. Just the opposite.

This stuff does work. I found once I started visualizing regularly, things REALLY started to happen with greater speed.

I say that "check" was just a sign from the universe that you're on the right track!

vane said...

The secret does work! - I imagined that you would get a check also and that you would post this story and wham! it all happened! Thank you

Vladorcolac said...

Next time cash the check and never check, never ask how, that say in the secret too! How it's the univers job, maybe that was your wish and you blew it away! Dumb ass people!