Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cafeteria South Beach - Miami Dining Review

Cafeteria Miami Beach Review
Summary: Hip, Tasty, Reasonably Priced

Today we continue our journey through Miami Beach dining destinations with a review of Cafeteria. The restaurant is located on South Beach's famed shopping avenue, Lincoln Road, and is a sister restaurant to New York's trendy establishment of the same name.

We did not seek this place out. I was looking for place to eat on Lincoln Road, and the menu aligned with my cravings at that particular moment in time. I was seduced by the lure of the turkey burger, as there had been week-long cookouts at the Eden Roc Resort to fuel my desire. I opted for field greens instead of fries, and Mariana chose the Baby Spinach salad. Both choices were excellent.

There were a lot of other items I would have loved to try including any of the wraps (Buffalo Chicken, Blackened Mahi, or Spicy Shrimp), the Crab Burger, the Shrimp and Garlic pizza, the Crispy Skin Atlantic Salmon, the... well, you get the idea - there were a lot of good choices.

Most people opted to dine outdoors, but we sat inside and pretty much had the place to ourselves. The architecture, lighting, and music made for a very stylish dining experience, without the painful price tag of say, Nobu. The place becomes a nightclub called Air after dark, which no doubt accounts for much of the modish accouterments.

The verdict? Two ketchup bottles up. There are a lot of great places to eat on Lincoln Road, not to mention South Beach as a whole. I recommend a stop at Cafeteria for a fun, fashionable, dining experience.

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