Monday, April 16, 2007

Blue Collar Radio Comedians

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I'd like to thank the folks at Blue Collar Radio on Sirius Satellite Channel 103 for playing my CD "Looking for Fun." The album has been in pretty regular rotation on , typically with at least three tracks played per day. Some of the funny songs played include:
They're also playing the commercial parodies off the CD, including: Hip Hop Hoedown, Escape from Alimony, Maximum Cliché, and Hardcore Weather Channel
I've been getting phone calls and emails from people around the country saying they heard me on the radio - including some old friends that I'd lost touch with. Thanks again to Sirius Blue Collar Radio for their support. If you haven't picked up the CD yet, you can get it at iTunes, Amazon, or my website here: Looking For Fun.
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Ted Hobgood said...

Excellent news! Congrats on continuing to get famouser!

Anonymous said...

i love mel tillis and his stories, where can i find more?