Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Become a Comedian - How to Be a Stand Up Comedian

Christmas is just around the corner. And if you are someone you know is an aspiring stand-up comedian, head over to eBay and bid now (auction closed) on this one-of-a-kind book collection: How to Become a Comedian. These are 10 hard-to-find books that have helped me become a successful comedian and booking agent. You'll get:

Stand-Up Comedy: The Book

by Judy Carter This one is a must-have for any true comedian! You'll learn: how to turn your anxieties into a killer act, how to make your sense of humor pay off, and secrets from the stars of comedy!

How to be a Stand-Up Comic

by Richard Belzer Legendary comedian Richard Belzer promises that he can turn anyone into a stand-up comic. This very irreverent book offer lots of advice on: how to prepare a routine, how to handle hecklers, how to dress "in character", and everything else you need to know about comedy and being a comedian.

How to be a Working Comic

by Dave Schwensen Dave's book claims to offer more insiders' advice than any other manual. Indeed, almost every page has insightful advice from working comedians. You'll learn how to: get onstage experience, market your act to talent bookers, get on television, and much more.

The Book on Hosting: How Not to Suck as an Emcee

by Dan Rosenberg Since you'll very likely start your career out an an MC (opener), you'll need to play close attention to everything in this book. You'll learn the rules of hosting, discover the unwritten rules of stand-up, and you will get advice from tons of working comedians. Everyone performing comedy should particularly pay attention to rule #22: "Move the damn mike stand out of the way." I can't believe how many people I see on TV who still don't know this rule.

Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy

by Jay Sankey In this engaging book, comic Jay Sankey explains not only how to write and perform stand-up comedy, but how to improve and perfect your work. This unique insider's look explores the finer points of stand-up comedy, including sources for ideas and writing the jokes; taking the stage, delivery and timing; dealing with nerves; breaking in new material; relating to the audience; marketing and self-promotion; and much more.

Plus, you'll get these hard-to-find books:

  • The Comic Bible - Learn how to get cruise ship work, how to break into the college market, getting International work, and much more!

  • True Story - Bill Maher's fictional, yet autobiographical story of five comedians building a career in stand-up comedy.

  • Comedy USA Industry Guide - Super rare! Lest you think this information is dated, think again! The GOOD agents - I mean the ones you'd really aspire to have - are still at it. Many have the same address and phone number they did in 1993. Find out who represents the biggest names in comedy.

  • American Comedy Awards - Another super-rare find from the 15th Annual Awards show. Like the Comedy USA Industry Guide, this book tells you the agent, manager, and publicist for the biggest names in comedy!

  • How to Get a Job in TV Commercials - An insiders guide.

10 Great Books in All!

What are you waiting for? You won't find another collection of books on how to become a comedian like this all in one place. If you're serious about becoming a stand-up comedian, or you know someone who is, place your bid now! (auction closed)

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