Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I'm working on a comedy business book tentatively titled, "The Millionaire Comedian: Creating Your Own Success in Show Business." This isn't a book about how to write jokes or be funny. Rather, it is a guide to the different careers paths you can take as a comedian. Specifically, I hope to inspire you to take success into your own hands, and not wait for a big agent or a "break" to launch your career.

The articles below aren't sequential or even meant to read like a book. That will come later. In the meantime, bookmark this page and keep checking back. I'll fill link the articles as I write them:

Becoming a Comedian:
Careers in Comedy:
Creating Your Promotional Materials:
Booking Comedy Shows:
Promoting Your Act:
Selling Your Products Online:
What do you want to know about? Write your requests for information in the comments section below.

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Ron said...

Good post. It would serve them well that entertainers, especially comics, should learn and understand the business side of their profession to better their career and avoid the scam artists.
Good luck in your own pursuits.
Ron @